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What is the cost of therapy?
Effective April 1st, 2024 The Family Therapy Place will be raising our rates to $200 for an intake appointment and $175 for a 53-minute session. This rate increase reflects insurance fee coverage changes. If you have questions on how this will impact your costs per appointment, please contact your insurance company directly.
Who does The Family Therapy Place work with?
We work with children, teens, couples and any individual struggling with relationship issues. The therapists here are well trained to work with people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, postpartum issues, grief and loss, blended family issues, etc. Look at the services page to find out more.
Can I use my insurance policy?
Some insurances are accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network, Priority Health and United Behavioral Health (Optum) are accepted as In-Network.  If you have another insurance we’re able to provide invoices for you to send in to be reimbursed but you’ll first want to verify that you have out of network benefits.
What should I tell my child about therapy?
Your child might be a little intimidated about coming to a new place and meeting their therapist. This is a normal experience and validating their feelings is always an important part of the process. Children know many helpers and it is a therapist's job to help kids understand. Some teens are resistant to counseling and that is okay. Let them tell us about their resistance. It is a good place to start!
Who should come to the sessions?
If you are seeking counseling for a minor child, or if the goal is family counseling, a therapist will meet with parents first. This gives parents an opportunity to get to know the therapist and go over the paperwork. This also helps the therapist to understand any history and background that will be important to know when working with your child. The therapist will help you understand the best format for bringing the child or the rest of the family into therapy.
If you are seeking couples counseling, both partners should attend the first session.
What if I am divorced and my child's other parent doesn't want counseling for our child?
If parents have joint legal custody it is our policy to have both parents sign consent to see the child. We will meet with the parent who desires counseling and discuss the best option for getting the child's needs met. It works best when we can get involvement from both primary caregivers, however we recognize that things with this can be very complicated. Please ask your therapist more about this concern.
Where is The Family Therapy Place's office?
731 Front Ave Grand Rapids Michigan in one of the oldest stone homes in Grand Rapids. It is a warm environment that feels like a home rather than a doctor's office. This is part of our belief that maintaining good mental health is as important as maintaining good physical health. We operate from a wellness model of counseling rather than an “illness” model.
What is Family Therapy?
Family Therapy is a format of therapy in which parents and children or adult families work together towards healing the dynamics of conflict and trauma within the family. Families can get stuck in destructive patterns and family therapy can help to shift those patterns to more healthy and productive ways of dealing with conflict.
Will I hear about what is going on during each session with my child?
Parents are asked to give limited confidentiality. This allows the child to feel the freedom to open up and talk about whatever they want without feeling like they will get in trouble. Limited confidentiality means that if anything comes to the therapist's attention you will be contacted and we will work together to figure out the best path forward.
What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is a form of therapy that uses horses. Horses are dynamic and sensitive creatures. Since they are prey animals, they have very sensitive mirror neurons which pick up on anything out of the ordinary in they environment. This includes heightened emotion in a client. Through this process, the therapist works with the client and horse to help the client become grounded and learn to manage their feelings and connect with the horse.
How does the therapist work with their clients?
We work from the perspective of attachment, believing that we are connected to each other and from an early age are looking for belonging and significance. Through our relationships we can learn more about ourselves. We use experiential therapy such as Mindfulness, Emotion Focused Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, talk therapy and Equine Assisted Therapy. Therapy is an experiential process in which the client Is able to explore the ability to relate in secure ways with another person.
What happens in your parenting classes?
Parenting is hard and all parents who have a child older than 5 minutes have felt the helpless, unsure feelings of how to best nurture a child. Parenting is often filled with high expectations and high shame when things don’t go as we hope. In our classes, we use tools to teach parents how to connect on a deeper level when parenting their children. Our goal is to help parents to raise self-reliant, capable, respectful children who they can find joy in relationship with.We lead workshops, classes and individual coaching sessions and speak publicly at organizations, churches, schools and daycare centers.roup parenting classes can be a very valuable experience to gain insight into how others have found success in parenting as well as sharing with the village of other parents the difficulty of raising our precious children.

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