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Wherever you are in your journey

Maybe you’ve thought about counseling before and wondered if you, your family, or your relationship could benefit from some tools or some time with a person trained to help people connect. Maybe you’re tired of painful arguments with a partner, a child, a parent or another significant person in your life. Maybe you’ve felt that something is wrong with you because it feels like you are the one who seems to always end up alone. You do not have to feel stuck any longer. Counseling can be a beautiful opportunity to get out of your environment of tension, chaos or discomfort and into a space designed around emotional safety. In this space you will be able to explore what has led to this way of relating to your self or someone else. Whether you are looking for help for your child, yourself, or tools for relationship restoration, we are here for you.

What to expect

In your first session your therapist will walk you through the process of what counseling can look like for you. There will be some guided questions to give an opportunity for you to share your story. Your therapist will listen with curiosity and empathy as you talk through what led you to make the first phone call. Our therapists are not interested in telling you how to run your life or to simply tell you what you should do next. Here, we are invested in allowing you to have the space, time and safety to fully explore what you believe is the next step on your journey. Your therapist is trained to objectively reflect the themes, patterns and ideas that are consistent or not consistent with what seems to be your desires and goals. In this process, you get the opportunity to discern how to proceed on your path towards health and wellness.

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The first step is often the hardest one. You won't have to do it alone! We're here to answer any questions you might have. Let's connect!