Group therapy can be a place to find support, connection and health relationships for processing experiences. Being in a group therapy setting facilitated by a trained therapist can provide a space to mirror and reflect how we experience others in relationship and how others experience us. If you are looking for an opportunity to connect more deeply with others who are looking for relational healing, check out our current groups below and reach out to us at 616-207-2727, or through our contact page to learn more and get connected.


A challenging relationship can often feel isolating and lonely with very few outlets to be honest with anyone about the relationship. When you feel alone and you're facing problems in your relationship there can be a lot of shame in talking to friends or family. This group is for couples who are ready to honestly explore their connection and attachment within a group environment. This group is facilitated by Tracy Thompson, for 4 couples looking to discover more depth in their intimacy. This is a 6 week session that will begin as soon as there are 4 couples committed to the group. The group will meet on Tuesday evenings from 7-8:30 and the cost is $300 per couple for the 6 week group experience. The format includes a relationship check in, topical discussion, and one of the couples will work with Tracy to explore a particular issue that they are facing while the other couples are able to bear witness and offer appreciation and insight into this process. This can be a vulnerable and powerful experience for those that are involved. Contact us to register.


An equine-assisted personal healing group for women who struggle with conflict in relationships. We will focus on understanding the power of your voice, finding identity when pulled in conflicting directions, and strengthening personal boundaries using the power of the horse.($400 for 8-week session some insurances accepted)  Call to join the next upcoming group October 16, 2023 from 12:00 - 1:30 pm weekly.


An Equine-Assisted pre-teen therapy group for kids 10-12 who want to grow in confidence and self-worth through group therapy and the power of the horse. Through non-riding activities with horses these kids will learn skills in problem solving, acceptance of responsibility, openness and confidence for their future. ($400 for the 8-week session, some insurances accepted). Next group begins summer of 2023. Call to register.


This group is for men to heal and grow. Men have a unique set of struggles in both the upbringings and societal expectations. Men often end up frozen and isolated. There are pressures to perform and provide that can lead to an expectation that they are strong and independent. These understandings have their place and help men to do incredible things, but men are often left feeling alone and disconnected. Men don't feel free to be their true selves and often aren't even sure who their true self is. This group is a place to discover and be supported on a journey of personal and emotional growth. This group will provide safety and challenge alike, giving each man a place to be seen as his whole-self while struggling through difficulties of their past and present.

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