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We work with couples who are recovering from betrayal, restoring trust, or learning tools for healthy connection and communication. When you are left  feeling less connected and more isolated in your relationship we can help. Two people who have chosen to share life together deserve every opportunity at making a connection that feels safe and secure. If you are trying to decide if the relationships can be saved, or is worth saving we can help you work together to explore these challenging experiences together.

We work with entire diverse, blended, non-traditional, or traditional families. Many personalities and feelings under one roof is bound to bring up challenges for those involved. Through experiential exercises and intentional restorative conversation, families learn great tools for connection and change.

We work with families with young children all the way to families with adult children who are having trouble seeing eye to eye on the many facets of life.

We work with small children within the context of their primary caregivers utilizing play therapy and parent child interaction therapy.

We work with parent child/teen dyads to understand and develop healthy patterns for expressing feelings and learning how to work together towards effective healthy change.

We work with Parents/Caregivers who are yearning for tools to raise their children in effective ways. Raising children is complicated, you don’t have to do it alone
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