Why See An Intern Therapist?

Why See An Intern Therapist?

Frequently asked questions on what it means to work with an intern therapist and the potential benefits you may receive.

What is an intern therapist?

An intern therapist is a student who is currently working toward their master's degree in counseling. At this point in their program, they have reached the last milestone to obtaining their degree. An internship provides these students with the opportunity to put their knowledge to practice and utilize the skills they have been working on throughout their extensive educational period.

How does an intern therapist differ from a licensed therapist?

The main difference between an intern therapist and a licensed therapist is experience. Intern therapists are new to the field. This is often what makes most clients hesitant about working with them. However, lack of experience, particularly in this field, is not always a bad thing. Since intern therapists are so fresh, they are up-to-date on the most current practices within the field and are eager to work with their clients. Interns are not yet "set in their ways" when it comes to their therapeutic approach. They are still learning what their particular style of therapy is and the kind of therapist they want to be. This provides them with the capacity to be open to their diverse clients and flexible to meeting their clients' needs. Another major benefit to seeing an intern therapist is that it is a low-cost option to receiving therapy. Licensed therapists at The Family Therapy Place are seeing clients at the rate of $150/session. Intern therapists can be seen for a fraction of the cost at a rate of just $15/session.

What is supervision?

Supervision is an amazing tool for therapists at all stages of their career. It is an opportunity to consult with other professionals within the field about anything counseling related, such as ways to improve their counseling skills, ethical/legal concerns, and cases they are working on. The feedback recieved during supervision ensures that therapists are working to their best ability to meet their client's needs. For beginning therapists, this support is especially helpful, as they navigate the ins and outs of the field.

Interns receive an abundance of supervision. It is required that they received at least one hour of weekly supervision with their site supervisor. In this case, that supercvisor is Tracy Thompson, LPC and practice owner of The Family Therapy Place. Furthermore, they receive weekly group supervision through their university, which includes other student interns and a professor within the program.

In sum, working with an intern is not all that different from working with a licensed therapist. There may be some growing pains, adjusting, and readjusting. What relationship doesn't have that? Nevertheless, our interns are eager and willing to collaborate with their clients to help them toward their therapeutic goals.

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If you are interested in working with one of our intern therapists, please contact our administrative assistant, Kelly, to set up an appointment with them today! They are currently accepting new in person or telehealth clients.

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