Equine-Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning is an experiential modality of therapy that helps clients process their emotions by utilizing nature and partnership with a horse.  Since they are prey animals, they have a keen sense about anything that is out of the ordinary in their environment. They have a sense of human body language and emotion that may feel off balance or threatening. The goal of this model of therapy is to help client experience and embody new ways of being through experiences beyond verbal processing. Experiential nature-based and animal-assisted therapies are beneficial for clients who have experienced the impact of trauma or relationship distress, suffer from anxiety, depression, or anger. This model is often used with groups, families, couples or organizations as a way to shift unhelpful patterns and behaviors that have negatively impacted the individuals within the group. You do not need to have any prior horse experience in order to take part in this model of therapy. This is not a model of therapy that uses riding as part of the process, it is a ground based interactive experience that is unique to the relationship between the horse and human partnership.

Find out more about our groups:

Wild and Wise: An Equine Assisted Therapy Group for Women working through relational healing

Champions: An Equine Assisted Therapy Group for teens who are working through emotional challenges and haven't found success or interest in traditional models of therapy.

Bridges: This is an Equine Assisted Group for 10-12 year olds who have trouble navigating social groups and suffer from emotional challenges


Cost for Intake session $175

Cost for hour session- $150
Cost for a group- $50

Some insurances may be accepted

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