Family Counseling

“For "full" emotional communication, one person needs to allow his state of mind to be influenced by that of the other.” - Daniel J Siegel

We are born into families and there is a biological reason for this; we are interconnected and relational beings. Our very survival from the first breath we take comes from our connection to those who will care for us. If you have a baby more than a moment old, you know the feeling of being overwhelmed and ill equipped for the task of raising this young precious child. When you were a baby yourself, the way in which you were cared for affects your sense of trust and safety in relationships with others. These patterns are interwoven into us and a beautiful and complex pattern that takes a lifetime to fully understand and embrace and communicate to another person.

At The Family Therapy place, we have found that it is in nurturing relationships that there is healing from painful circumstances. We all come from long lines of stories, triumphs, pain, connection and disconnection. Through the experiences in this therapeutic space, we will help families and couples explore together the way in which they have learned to relate to each other. Through this process families are able to develop more healing and helpful ways to connect with each other. New opportunities for growth and learning can lead to a deeper sense of intimacy. Whether it is a family you grew up in, a family you created, or a partner you are sharing life with there is hope for restoration we are only a phone call away.

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