Family Therapy Intensives

Intensive Family therapy is for families who feel hopeless and lost at how to navigate the chronic conflict and pain that exists within their family. Children must be at least 12 years of age to participate

If your family is feeling the ongoing impact of conflict and negative patterns within their relationships this could be a program that might help. Relationships suffer when members within the relationship suffer, yet relationships can heal as individuals grow and heal themselves. This program is designed to provide space for your family to navigate and find healthy contact and connection with each other when it feels like the depth within the relationship is hard to find.

This type of program might be a fit for your if your family is navigating: Developmental trauma, suicidal ideation, depression, conflict in relationship, poor decision making, conflict due to disrupted attachment, foster care and adoption or parent estrangement. This is a program for families that desire the skills to build strong attachments through fostering compassionate support from an attachment perspective.

This program occurs in an outside therapeutic setting utilizing nature based and equine assisted therapies. Families will engage in experiences nurtured to provide space for healthy positive interactions between family members. No prior experiences with horses is needed in order to engage in this nature based program. This program will get your out of the mundane routines that have impacted the negative patterns. Through fun and enriching experiences your family can embody a new way of connection with each other.

The program consists of 18-24 hours of therapy in a 1-week time span. This therapy program is a 4 phase program that occurs in an intensive format. This format gives space for the contact and challenges between family members to be explored and healing to begin. Family Therapy programs that are spread out over months or years can be difficult for clients to make the progress necessary to nurture relationships and build attachment. Oftentimes, family therapy is unsuccessful when given 1 hour per week to explore patterns that have developed over years or sometimes generations. In this format, clients have time to breakdown old narratives and begin to commit to the formation of co-creating something more nurturing together.

This program is designed as a launching pad for families to have the best chance to reconcile and rebuild a relationship and to have the best chance at a sustainable long term relationship.

Phases of the Intensive Family Therapy Program

  1. Building readiness for Family Therapy- During this phase members will complete an intake and meet with the therapist to prepare for family therapy
  2. Creating the emotional container for safety within the context of expression and self disclosure.
  3. Exploration of safety and building trust within a relationship
  4. Experience skill building for after therapy has ended

The cost of this intensive is based on the time your family will need to complete the goals of each phase.  Your therapist will do an assessment of your needs in phase one and give you a quote to begin the next steps of the intensive.

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