Spirituality is an important part of our development. From how it is tied to our personal identity and sexuality to the role it plays in our grief and loss, spirituality and faith are integral components. Our therapists are open to exploring how spirituality and religion influence and fit into your life, as well as, how it might be incorporated into the counseling process if desired. You are welcomed and encouraged to explore this part of your life openly and honestly.

Although faith and spirituality can be a great source of meaning and comfort, it can also be a significant source of pain, anger and confusion. Negative and abusive faith experiences can leave us questioning our identity, lead us to reexamine our boundaries, beliefs systems and lead to a host of related issues such as: loneliness from loss of community, depression, anxiety, grief, panic, and excessive shame and guilt. Whether you’ve experienced toxic faith or spiritual abuse there is support available to you as you process and examine these complex and challenging issues.

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